Torbay’s Business Advantage

Strategic Location – Booming Economy – Skilled Labour.
Torbay is Optimally Situated for Business Investment and Growth.

The town of Torbay (population 7,852) is strategically located within The St. John’s census metropolitan area (CMA), which has a total population of 212,579.  (Census Profile, 2021 Census of Population)

Strategically located close to the St. John’s International Airport, the Port of St. John’s, and the Province’s largest retail shopping development, it provides a unique opportunity to establish business roots in a rural community, minutes from the largest urban population in the province.

A unique community of approximately 7,800 people, Torbay boasts a long and colourful history which dates back to the sixteenth century. With higher than average income, employment and education levels, along with a thriving business community, the Town has a sound economic base. It is home to over one hundred and fifty businesses, two schools, health and wellness facilities, and a vibrant and engaged community sector.

Key Information to Know When Starting a Business in Torbay

  1. Some of the lowest municipal and business taxes within the St. John’s CMA. You can view the current tax structure here.
  2. Knowledgeable and accessible planning and economic development staff ready to assist in any way with helping to establish your business in the community
  3. Torbay is strategically located on the doorstep of the largest urban population in the province and the second largest in Atlantic Canada. It is located directly adjacent to the John’s International Airport, approximately 20 minutes by road to the Port of St. John’s and is 5 mins by road to the Outer Ring Road/Trans-Canada Highway, the major highway leading in and out of the region.
  4. The town holds an annual business awards ceremony to recognize the contributions of the business community and also reinforce within the community 2the importance of supporting the local business community.
  5. Torbay Road which leads in and out of the community has a traffic flow of in excess of 10,000 vehicles daily.
  6. The community of Torbay boasts highly active and engaged citizenship residing in a rural setting adjacent to the largest urban population in the province. Torbay boasts great outdoor activities and amenities, including numerous hiking trails, recreation facilities, Torbay Common – a newly constructed community center, two schools, health, wellness and dental services, and other amenities which contribute to sustainability and vibrancy of our community.


  • The community and municipal government are proactive in how they develop policies and reduce red tape with a focus on making it an attractive and sustainable community, not only to start a business, but also live, work and raise a family.


  • Key initiatives currently in the planning and development stage include
    • Town center development
    • Light industrial / business park


The town of Torbay tax rates and fees are amongst the lowest on the Northeast Avalon. You can download the 2024 tax and fee structure here.


The region has access to a significant pool of skilled labour.  Aside from being close to the College of the North Atlantic and Memorial University, the region has a long history of producing skilled trades workers in all fields, as well as workers trained in various engineering disciplines, information technology, health care, marine related fields and other post-secondary disciplines.


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