Water & Sewer

The Town of Torbay currently operates and maintains both a sanitary sewer system and a water distribution/reservoir system. Some of the infrastructure dates back to the 1950s and requires constant monitoring and repair. The Town is committed to providing clean safe water to its residents and continually monitors water quality, water levels, and consumption to ensure the water system is performing to optimal conditions. The Town’s sanitary sewer system is a complex system of piping and pumps requiring maintenance and upgrades on a regular basis. A number of upgrades have been identified as a result of comprehensive studies undertaken to assess the current and future capacities of the systems. The Town is planning to complete these upgrades under a cost shared multi-year capital works project. Additional studies will aid in developing priority lists to ensure that the Town is moving in the right direction in future water and sewer upgrades and projects.

Hydrant Maintenance & Flushing Program

As with previous years the Town will conduct a flushing program of the Town’s potable water system. This maintenance is essential and will help maintain quality water for the residents of the Town system. We will be completing a spring flushing program and the dates are as follows:

Spring: Beginning Tuesday, June 2, 2020. Conducted 9:30am-3:00pm daily until further notice.

For up to date information and alerts on streets/areas affected by these flushing programs, sign up for Torbay Alerts and make sure to sign up for “Water & Sewer” alerts.


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