Killick Coast

The Town of Torbay is centrally located along the beautiful Killick Coast. The Killick Coast Drive is a themed tour that winds along a breathtaking, rugged coastline, stretching from Logy Bay-Middle Cove-Outer Cove to Torbay to Flatrock to Pouch Cove to Portugal Cove-St.Phillips, winding through many historic and scenic communities. The best way to get to know the Killick Coast is to hop in a car or on a bike and drive the whole 55 kilometers of it. You’ll get some unforgettable views. Be sure to take a camera.

From Torbay, another scenic route called Marine Drive winds in and out of several small communities, following the coastline. It is one of the best areas on the east coast of the island for experiencing the magnificent Atlantic seascape.

You can read more at: Destination St. John’s and at The Killick Coast

Fascinating Fact: A killick is a homemade anchor, made by lashing pliable wood around a heavy stone!

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