Home-Based Businesses

The zoning by-laws allow residents to operate businesses from their homes while still maintaining a quiet and safe residential environment.  Home-based businesses are however not currently permitted in mobile home areas and in apartment buildings.

All tenants are required to obtain their landlord’s permission to operate a home-based business, and the landlord has to sign the development application before the business can be considered by the Town.

Since businesses are of discretionary use in a residential zone, a public notice is required, followed by approval of the Town Council. A public notice is issued in either the monthly edition of the North East Avalon Times or the Telegram Newspaper. Anyone wishing to comment will have a specific amount of days to submit their comments on the proposed home-based business.  The Town’s Planning and Development staff will review the application and all comments, and forward their recommendations to the Town Council for a final decision.

The process of starting a home-based business begins with filling out a Development Permit Application.  A $100 fee must be submitted with the application.  For businesses that require issuing a public notice, an additional fee is charged to cover the advertising cost. That fee is dependent on which newspaper is agreed upon.

For more information on how to license your home-based business, contact the Town’s Economic Development and Tourism Officer, Deanne Lawrence at kmurray@Torbay.ca or 709.437.6532, ext 230.

Development Permit Application – Business

Home-Based Business Tax

Home-based businesses/Home Occupation tax rate for 2022 is $250.00. The Town of Torbay’s 2024 Tax and Fee Structure can be found here

For any questions, please contact Corporate Services Department at the Town Hall, Tel: (709) 437 – 6532

Town of Torbay 2024 Tax and Fee Structure

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