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Five Town Councillors, Mayor, and Deputy Mayor make up the Town Council of Torbay. The Mayor & Councillors are elected during the municipal election, which is normally held throughout the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador every four years. The Town Councillors and the Mayor subsequently elect the Deputy Mayor during the first meeting of the new Council. The election of the Deputy Mayor is conducted by the Town Clerk or Returning Officer and is decided by a secret vote.

The position of Mayor for the Town of Torbay is determined by a separate vote. The Mayor is the presiding officer of the Town Council and is the official head of the Town for all ceremonial purposes. The Mayor, and in his or her absence, the Deputy Mayor, shall preside at all meetings of the Town Council.

Your Town Council welcomes communication from residents on any municipal matters of concern.

Past Council Meeting Minutes.


The views expressed online through personal websites or social media accounts are those of the individual Council member and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of the Town of Torbay. 


Mary Thorne-Gosse

Deputy Mayor

(709) 690-3688

Trina Appleby


(709) 437-7482

Ward Gosse


(709) 727-8184

Rhonda Manning


(709) 685-2944

Tony Pollard


(709) 437-1427

Ralph Tapper


(709) 771-7392

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