Torbay History House and Museum


The Torbay Museums mission is to engage both Torbay residents and visitors in an exploration of the Town’s rich heritage. We accomplish this through our active programs, exhibitions, and sharing collations in our historic property and throughout the community. We believe that an understanding of our past, sparking new connections, can build a bright future for Torbay and Newfoundland.


The Torbay Museum will be a vibrant welcoming place, bringing residents and visitors together to explore the past. We will use the power of personal and communal stories to enrich and impact.

History of Torbay Museum

Founded in July 1988, the Torbay Museum was established at 1288 Torbay Road, in the basement of Torbay Town Hall. It was home to an amazing array of artifacts and historical archival items dating back hundreds of years.  Its collection began with items donated by the Roman Catholic Presentation Sisters in honour of their 121-year stay in Torbay’s St. Michael’s Convent from 1865-1986. The Sister’s donation included a nine-piece furniture set and stained-glass doors.  The collection grew to over 2,000 artifacts, including items representing traditional fishing and farming, Women’s work, and Military History.

In 2017, the Town of Torbay purchased the Roman Catholic Presbytery House located at 2 Convent Lane, in an effort and commitment to create a museum that meets both professional standards and community needs.  The new Torbay History House and Museum will become a significant community asset, serving as a community space and major tourism anchor, encouraging visitors to learn more about the community of Torbay and its significant history. The current Torbay Museum located in Town Hall temporarily closed to begin development at the new location.

Since 2017, the building that will host the new Museum has undergone significant construction and restoration upgrades, including the installment of an elevator and transforming much of the space into museum exhibits, archival space, and more.

The new Torbay History House and Museum is scheduled to open in the summer of 2022, just in time to participate in the celebrations of Torbay’s 50th as an incorporated municipality and the Province’s 2022 Come Home Year Campaign!

The Torbay Museum is an active member of the Museum Association of Newfoundland and Labrador.

For more information on Torbay History House and Museum, please contact;

Noah Morritt
Torbay Museum Manger
709-437-6532, ext 264

Torbay History House Restoration is Complete!

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