Torbay in Bloom

In support of the Canada Garden Council’s efforts to spotlight Canada’s rich horticulture and garden heritage, Torbay’s commitment to Garden Tourism holds strong, proclaiming 2022 as year of the Garden, celebrating Garden Days in June and offering a variety of gardening activities and social media campaigns throughout the summer months. 

2023 will see over 8,600 tulips bloom throughout our beautiful community, up from 2,500 that bloomed in 2022.  Torbay will also host and celebrate the Provincial Tulip Festival in June as part of a collaborative effort between MUN Botanical Gardens and several other partnering municipalities to showcase what we have to offer as a potential garden route in NL.  As this provincial garden route continues to grow and gain momentum with other partners, no doubt you are going to want to stop in Beautiful Torbay to experience our breathtaking land and seascapes, the tulip beds, and gorgeous groomed trail systems. 

Visit this page frequently throughout the year for updated information.

Flower of the Year

Torbay Flower of the Year 2023 logo.

The Town of Torbay is delighted to again provide Free Seeds to residents in 2023 as part of their beautification and garden tourism efforts.  To celebrate, community members are invited to vote for Torbay’s Flower of the Year, based on the National colour of the year, Purple.  

Thank you for Voting!

Voting for Torbay’s Flower of the Year is now closed. The Flower with the most votes will be announced in early May (votes were received online and through printed ballot forms at all Torbay Town facilities).

The flower with the most votes will be titled Torbay’s Flower of the Year! Free Flower of the Year seeds will be made available to the community in the spring for residents to showcase their community spirit.

Torbay’s Tulips

Torbay Town Staff, with support of the Grand Concourse, has been busy preparing tulip garden beds to showcase the Town’s commitment to beautification and Garden Tourism. Throughout the Community, some 8,638 tulips have been planted and will bloom in late spring. This is an increase of over 6,100 tulips from the 2,500 tulips that bloomed in 2022. Many of the tulip types that were chosen represent a connection or meaningful reflection to that specific location.

Torbay is pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with the Canadian Tulip Legacy, receiving tulip bulbs from the Canadian Tulip Festival, to which they claim to be the worlds largest tulip festival! These 288 tulips will bloom in a dedicated garden bed in Torbay and are the Navy Reserve variety in support of the 2023 Ottawa Tulip Festival as they celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Naval Reserve.

2023 Provincial Tulip Festival

The NL Tulip Festival began in 2022 in the Town of Bay Roberts.  Just one year later, this festival has gained momentum and continues to grow across our beautiful province.  The NL Tulip Festival is celebrated by a variety of communities and organizations across the province and is a vibrant celebration of Spring and nature. Some of this year’s partners include the Town of Torbay, and the Towns of Bay Roberts, Harbour Grace, Carbonear and MUN Botanical Gardens. 

Torbay’s Tulip Festival takes place June 11-17 and we invite you to attend any one or all of the following and celebrate with us.

Schedule of Events:

Tulip Festival Kick off Celebration – Sunday June 11th 

Celebrate with us at the kick-off of Torbay’s Tulip Festival with live music and yummy sweet treats. The event will take place outside in The Gardens at Torbay History House and Museum; Don’t forget to visit inside History House and the upstairs community art gallery where a colourful plethora of artwork will be displayed, representing the pretty colours of nature and tulips! The Kick-off is scheduled for Sunday, June 11th from 3:00-5:00pm. 

Outdoor Concert – Tuesday, June 13th 

We invite you to join our Seniors on The Green at Torbay Common for live music!  The Green space is located behind Torbay Common Community Complex and surrounded by a variety of tulips! The concert will be held inside if inclement weather. This is a FREE event open to the public.  Please bring your own chairs! Tuesday, June 13th from 1:30-3:00pm 

Torbay Community Breakfast and Fun Day – Saturday, June 17th 

Join Torbay’s Recreation Department for a FREE community breakfast and family fun day with lots of exciting activities. Event takes place at Torbay Common Community Complex, 8 Kinsmen place on Saturday, June 17th, starting at 9:00am.  

Additional Information

Did you Know?

  • The Tulip is an international symbol of friendship and peace!
  • After the first year of blooms in 2022, Torbay increased its tulip blooms by over 6,000!  And tulips will continue to increase annually.
  • There are approximately 30 varieties of tulips planted in Torbay; each variety is related  to its area; for instance, Civic Pride Tulips are planted next to Torbay Town Hall and  Peacekeeper Tulips planted at the Town’s War Memorial Site.
  • Torbay has a dedicated Canadian Tulip Festival Garden bed next to the National Historic  Site monument at Torbay Beach. The bed showcases tulips that were received from the  Canadian Tulip Legacy Organization in Ottawa.
  • The Canadian Tulip Festival, with over 300,000 tulips, was established in 1953 to honour  the historic royal gifts of tulips from the Dutch to Canada immediately following the  Second World War as a symbol of international friendship.
  • The Festival preserves the memorable role of the Canadian troops in the liberation of  the Netherlands and Europe, as well as commemorates the birth of Dutch Princess  Margriet in Ottawa during World War II—the only royal personage ever born in Canada.
  • There are over 150 species of tulips with over 3,000 different varieties, and their flower  buds are known for being almost perfectly symmetrical.
  • If you cut tulips, they’ll continue to grow in your vase for at least another inch. And even  in a vase, tulips will bend and twist to grow towards light.
  • Tulips prefer sun or partial shade and well-drained soil. The bulbs will rot in soggy soil.  After flowering, leave foliage until it dies back on its own to allow the bulb to store  nutrients for flowering the following spring.
  • Tulipa is the Latin word for tulip, which is derived from Tulipan, meaning “turban”. They  are called this because of the shape the tulip flower has.
  • Not only are they beautiful in your garden, but you can eat them as well by adding them  to salads, decorating desserts, or even stuffing them! Only use petals that have not been  treated with chemicals and stay away from the bulbs which can be poisonous.


WHEREAS The Canada Garden Council recognizes provincial garden routes and large scale provincial festivals that celebrate and showcase garden tourism efforts.

WHEREAS The NL Tulip Festival is a collaborative approach to creating a province wide Garden tourism initiative to help foster the development of Canada’s Garden Culture on the east coast.

WHEREAS The Town of Torbay is committed to working together with other towns and partners to enable full recognition of the values and benefits garden experiences deliver for Canadians and the communities in which they live.

WHEREAS The Town of Torbay will celebrate the NL Tulip Festival from June 11-17 and proclaim to residents, businesses, and visitors alike our commitment to Garden Tourism through our 8,600+ Tulip Blooms and a variety of garden tourism activities.

WHEREAS The Town of Torbay will continue to collaborate, share resources, and encourage. participation with other communities across our province to grow the NL Tulip Festival year after year.


On Behalf of Council of the Town of Torbay,
and on behalf of the citizens of Torbay,

I, Mayor Scott, hereby proclaim June 11-17, 2023 as NL Tulip Festival in Torbay

Mayor Craig Scott, Town of Torbay


2023 Tulip Festival photos provided by the residents of Torbay and the Grand Concourse Authority.

Suggestions for celebrating everything:

  • Plant PURPLE to show your Canadian Pride – the 2023 colour of the year for flowers is purple
  • The Town of Torbay will be handing out FREE seed packets to residents starting June 18th
  • Join a horticulture society or a local community garden group and create a bond with your local gardening community
  • Visit the Canada Garden Council website and learn what others are doing across Canada and become inspired
  • Share your gardening experiences on social media using the hashtags #livethegardenlife
  • Donate to a horticultural cause within the region
  • Get out and Garden! 
  • Learn more about the Killick Coast Agriculture Strategic Plan and the Committee that drives community workshops- get involved in their efforts through community education or planting

Are you ready for Garden Days? Receive FREE seeds

National Garden Day 2023 is scheduled for June 16th. The Town of Torbay invites residents to participate in garden days and throughout the summer by planting purple in celebration of this year’s colour theme that showcases Canadian gardening pride.

Free seed packets of Flower of the Year will be available at Town Hall (1288 Torbay Road), Torbay Common (8 Kinsmen Place) and Torbay History House and Museum (4 Convent Lane) for residents, starting on June 16.


Learn more about the Canadian Garden Council and the Year of the Garden at


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