The Torbay Museum is currently closed to the public as we undergo the development of our History House.

Founded in July 1988, the Torbay Museum is home to an amazing array of artifacts and historical archival items dating back hundreds of years. Its collection began with items donated by the Roman Catholic Presentation Sisters in honour of their 121-year stay in Torbay’s St. Michael’s Convent (1865-1986). The Sisters’ donation included a nine-piece chesterfield set and stained glass doors, which have been incorporated into the design of theMuseum. Today, the collection includes more than 2000 artifacts donated by residents. Current exhibits include: Fishing, Farming, Women’s Work and Domestic Life, Religious Torbay, and Torbay Military History.

The Torbay Museum is the oldest established public museum on the Northeast Avalon. It is an active member of the Museum Association of Newfoundland and Labrador, the Archives Association of Newfoundland and Labrador, and the Canadian Museum Association, among others. The mandate of the Torbay Museum is to promote Torbay’s heritage and culture; actively collect objects, art and oral history interviews of importance to Torbay; offer public programming on topics of heritage and culture to the people of Torbay and surrounding region; create displays for interpreting Torbay’s heritage and culture; and continue an ongoing commitment to safeguard both the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Torbay in theMuseum’s archives.


Publications of interest available for sale at the Torbay Museum include:

• The History of Torbay by Robert Codner
• Solomon Gosse’s Birthday by Lara Maynard
• Heritage Guide of Torbay by Robin McGrath

For more information on the new Torbay History House and Museum that is currently being developed, please contact Economic Development and Tourism Officer, Deanne Lawrence at 437-6532, ext 230 or email

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