Experience Torbay 2023

Experience the best things to do in Torbay in 2023

Dine Around!

Torbay has a varied selection of meals and treats to calm those cravings!

Atlas Pizza 

A family owned pizza parlor conveniently located at 1196 Torbay Road, Atlas Pizza offers great tasting pizza, garlic fingers, wings and more!

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Mary Browns 

Enjoy those famous Mary Brown Taters and signature chicken right here in Torbay. Since the first store opened in St. Johns, NL in 1969, Mary Browns has expanded to over 200 locations across Canada. Try it today, you won’t be disappointed! Located at 1395 Torbay Road.

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PJ’s Pizza

Experience the PJ’s Pizza way right here in Torbay! Located at 1234b Torbay Road, why not grab yourself a fresh oven roasted pizza, refreshments and scrumptious side orders!

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The Traditional Coffee House and Deli 

Located at 1496 Torbay Road, the Traditional Coffee House serves local coffee, homemade baked good and home cooked meals.  They are also a venue for the Torbay Folk Arts Council, that offer musical entertainment and open mic night on various nights during the week.

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A unique twist to a traditional bakery, Torbakery offers freshly baked breads and loafs baked daily, such as Italian loafs, raisin breads, baguettes and sweet treats.  But get there early, they are known to sell out by 3pm! Located at 3 St. Nicholas Lane.

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Let the Games Begin!

If you are a sports fanatic, you are in for a treat!  Check out what’s on the go in Torbay.

Killick Coast Games

Torbay is proud to host the Killick Coast Games in 2023! This youth regional games sporting event is hosted annually by a town within the Killick Coast Region. It includes such sports as Soccer, Softball, Basketball, Ball Hockey and Cross-Country Run. The Games are held each year in August. Attendance to watch the games is highly encouraged to support our local youth competing in the games.  Why not take in some outdoor sports while you’re here!

Learn more about the Killick Coast Games!

Outer Cove Marines; Avalon East Senior Hockey League

The Avalon East Senior Hockey League is Newfoundland’s top senior hockey league, and we can’t say enough how excited we were to hear of the revival of The Outer Cove Marines and announce the Jack Byrne Regional Arena as their home turf, right here in Torbay!  If you love hockey, then we invite you to take in a game during the hockey season.

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History or Art Connoisseur!

Dating back to the 1500’s Torbay was seasonally occupied by European Fishermen. Eventually, many settled in Torbay year-round, and the first recorded census of ‘Tarr-Bay was in 1677.  Torbay’s rich history of both fishing and farming lends to the community’s cultural feels and breathtaking beauty.

Torbay History House and Museum

You are in for quite a treat when you visit Torbay History House and Museum!  It’s a lively community museum with lots of activity.  The facility is home to the Jacob Bradbury Genealogy and Archives room, a museum gallery, a community art gallery and more.  While you’re there, take a stroll through the Gardens, where even the most professional arborist would be fascinated by the mature 100+ year old trees on site.

Learn more about the Torbay History House and Museum

National Historic Site at Torbay Beach

Not only will you get the most magnificent view of the Atlantic Ocean with specular views of cliffs and whales, but did you know that Torbay Beach was appointed a National Historic Site by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada in 1952. Close to the end of the Severn Years War in 1762, British Colonel William Amherst and his troops landed in Torbay and marched to St. John’s to recapture the Capital City from the French. A beautiful monument and lookout are erected at the beach to commemorate this historic event.

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Municipal Heritage Designation Sites

Throughout the Town, there are several municipal heritage designated sites to see, including the Torbay History House and Museum, Old Holy Trinity Parish Cemetery, Old St. Nicholas Anglican Cemetery, and Codner House (private residence). The Town of Torbay is proud to have adopted heritage regulations to help protect and preserve some its history within the community.

Learn more about the Municipal Heritage Designation Sites

Public Art Murals

Torbay has public art you say? Yes indeed! Located at Torbay Beach Parking lot as well as Tapper’s Cove Commercial Wharf are two vibrant and beautiful Public Art Murals. Both were painted by Artist Ginuk Song and express Torbay’s rich history through visually appealing artwork. They are definitely something to see! Also included int eh Towns Public Art program are painted traffic boxes!

Both murals are showcased through the ExploreArtNL website and app!

Check out the ExplortArtNL website!

Public Art in Town Facilities

Torbay has invested in the Arts Community through its public art collection located in Torbay Town Hall at 1288 Torbay Road and at Torbay Common Community Complex.  The Town Hall is home to over 12 pieces of artwork by a variety of Newfoundland artists.  Torbay Common boasts a massive community mural that was created for Canada’s 150th celebrations in 2015 and is one of only 150 murals across Canada that was created for this event.

See the Torbay Mosaic on Canada150 Mosaic!

Let’s Celebrate!

There’s always something to celebrate in Torbay and we invite you to join us! We love sharing the fun with everyone.

Town of Torbay Birthday Celebrations

We invite you to celebrate Torbay’s Birthday with us!  The Town will host its birthday celebrations August 4th-6th, offering family friendly activities, musical performances, food and beverages and sometimes even Fireworks to end the night!  Birthday hats are optional!

Learn more about the Torbay Birthday Celebrations!

Thomas Amusements Midway

Enjoy the thrill of an amusement ride at a local midway or fair?  Thomas Amusements is an in- province amusement company offering unique experiences through a variety of fun rides, games, and food.  If you are in Torbay during the month of June, expect to see the lights from Thomas Amusements, set up at Jack Byrne Arena parking lot. Ticket information and their schedule can be found online

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Community Markets

Torbay and surrounding area is home to a plethora of crafters, makers, artisans, artists, bakers woodworkers, and the list goes on and on. A Torbay Makers Market is scheduled for July at and the Community Market will take place in the Fall. Both are offered by the Town of Torbay. In addition to these two markets, The Jack Byrne Arena is home to a variety of markets year-round such as the Mega-Market, and the Annual NL Craft Council market. Grab your reusable shopping bag, a coffee to go and a friend (or a few) and visit Torbay for some of that unique shopping

Check out the Torbay community events!

Enjoy Nature at its finest!

Access to East Coast Trails

Did you know that the Award-Winning East Coast Trail system runs right through the Town of Torbay?  Access to these tails is available at a few locations throughout our community, including at Torbay Beach, where there is public parking and rest areas. The Father Troy Trail takes hikers from Torbay to the community of Flatrock. Listed as 8.9 Km (2-4 hours one way) and rated easy. Take a stroll on Silver Mine Head Path, from Torbay to Outer Cove. Listed as 3.8 Km (2 hours one way) and rated easy.

Learn more about the East Coast Trail!

Municipal Trails

The Town of Torbay has some of the best hiking in the North East Avalon Region. Our municipal trail system is well maintained for all to enjoy in both summer and winter for snowshoeing/cross country skiing. With over 5Km of trail systems, and multiple access points throughout the Community, take a stroll on our trials imbedded in the beautiful boreal forest and enjoy nature at its finest.

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Enjoy a cold one!

The Post Taproom

One of Torbay’s newest businesses, the Post Taphouse is conveniently located at 1412 Torbay Road in the previous Canada Post building. The Post Taphouse offers a beautiful ocean view from its back deck, local craft beer, spirits and delicious food from local food establishments.  Check out their Facebook page for opening dates!

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Miss. Liddy’s

Proclaimed to be the oldest established bar in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Mrs. Liddy’s offers live music, a great place for a game of pool, cold beer and tasty food.

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Music Scene!

There’s always a slight melody that can be heard along the hillsides of Torbay!

Tom Jennings and Tom Gosse Stage

Constructed in 2022, the Tom Jennings and Tom Stage at the bottom of Lower Street is situated with the most breathtaking backdrop on the island; the Atlantic Ocean and cliffs of Torbay. Managed by the Torbay Folk Arts Council, this community stage boasts live music and entertainment from springtime into the Fall, weather permitting.

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Pop-up Concerts at Torbay Common/Torbay History House

In partnership with the Town of Torbay, the Torbay Folk Arts Council brings its musical experiences to both the Torbay Common Community Complex and the Torbay History House for live concerts, both indoors and outside. Join us for afternoon and evenings of live music, and maybe even some dancing!

Check out the Torbay community events!

Folk Night at Traditional Coffee House and Deli

What’s better than enjoying traditional home-made goodies and a delicious coffee from Trinity Coffee Company?  Its enjoying it while taking in live music during Folk Night at Traditional Coffee House and Deli! Weekly Folk nights are scheduled for Thursday nights.  Grab your seat, the place fills up fast.

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Spy a berg or a whale!

Torbay has the best view-vantages of drifting ice bergs or a flip of a whale tale caressing the top of the deep blue Atlantic Ocean!  You can picture it in your head!  Now’s the time to see it for yourself!

The tip of the Iceberg

Iceberg season in NL is typically late spring to early summer. Tourism NL is absolutely correct; when it comes to viewing icebergs, this is one of the best places in the world!  Visible from the Torbay Beach and along coastal trails, these gigantic pieces of glacial ice drift along the shoreline, some over 10,000 years old.  Their size, shapes and deep blue to white colour will amaze you. And to think, about 90% of the berg is still under the water, we literally only see the tip of an iceberg!  And who knows, maybe even the Post Taphouse will have local craft beer or local spirits on tap made from these cold giants!

Learn more about iceberg viewing in Newfoundland and Labrador!

Whales and Tails

Our beautiful province is one of the most spectacular whale watching places in the world. Its where the worlds largest population of humpback whales return each year to feed. Beyond the beautiful humpback, there are approx. 21 species of whales and dolphins off our shores.  Grab a picnic and spend the day at Torbay beach or hike the trails to get a glimpse of some of the best whale tails or dolphin jumping you’ll ever see.

Learn more about whale watching in Newfoundland and Labrador!

The Mummers!

Torbay, and the Largest collection of Mummer memorabilia?

The Newfoundland mummering tradition began in the 1800’s when disguised home visits occurred during the 12 days of Christmas.  It was and still is a foolishly silly and whimsical tradition where people dress up in the oddest costumes to disguise their identity, in hopes to fool their hosts, and sing, dance, eat and drink in homes during the holiday season.

Torbay History House and Museum has done something remarkable to honor this deep-rooted tradition!  It owns the worlds largest collection of Mummer Memorabilia with many pieces on permanent display. If you haven’t got the slightest clue what Mummering is, stop by the History House for a quick history lesson and view the exhibit.  As the band Simini would say, Make sure you ask if “Any Mummers ‘Loud in?”

Learn about Mummering on Heritage NL!

Torbay History House & Museum Facebook Group

Wetland Conservationists and Birding Hotspot!

As a Community, we are proud of the progress and commitment to conserve areas that include   habitat for waterfowl for nesting and brood rearing.  The sites are accessible to enjoy via walking trails and/or designated viewpoints for minimal interference to the habitat.

Designated Wetland Areas

Torbay is home to six (6) wetland conservation sites; all noted by the Stewardship Association of Municipalities.  As a Community, we are proud of the progress and commitment to conserve areas that include habitat for waterfowl for nesting and brood rearing.  The sites are accessible to enjoy via walking trails and viewpoints.  Some of the waterfowl to look for include the Mallard Duck, the Green Winged Teal and the American Black Duck.

The 6 sites are:

  • Western Island Pond
  • Gosse’s Pond
  • Upper Three Corner Pond
  • Jones Pond
  • The Gully
  • The Shoreline Conservation Area

Learn more on the SAML website!

Birding Hotspot

Torbay is considered to be a birding hotspot within the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.  With over 107 different species of birds sighted within the Town Boundaries, grab your binoculars to do your own bird sighting; a variety of gulls, ducks, loon, finch, eagle, jays, terns, hawk and so many more.

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