Green Team 2021

Welcome Green Team!

Introducing the Town of Torbay’s Green Team: Kacey Hammond, Connor Flaherty, Ciara Molloy and Cassie Stagg!

The Green Team will be introducing a newly enhanced community garden space to the Torbay Common grounds it will be a proactive approach towards food security within the community. As well as developing and implementing plans for Torbay’s new tulip garden initiative along with providing additional programing and networking opportunities.

Last week Torbay’s Green Team in partnership with Duck’s Unlimited and staff from Conservation Corps Canada planted 107 seedlings behind Torbay Common in celebration of Earth Day.

Enhanced Community Garden

Food, Pandemic and Climate Resilience

The Green Team are developing and implementing plans for an enhanced community garden space at the Torbay Common. They will be building 31 garden beds some of which are raised for accessibility, and inclusion of a sensory garden area. Some additional features will include picnic tables, benches, a small tool garden shed and a composting station are part of this project with a goal that usage and access to this space is free.

The team will also be maintaining the existing Torbay Community Garden located behind Town Hall and will meet and learn from existing garden committees and volunteers to enhance the plan for the Town Hall Garden site.


Garden Tourism

Development of Torbay’s New Tulip Garden Initiative

The Green Team will develop plans and themes for Torbay’s new Tulip garden initiative. They will be researching tulip types and identify locations for specific beds within the community. They will also support and work with Town Facilities Supervisors on planting and prepping floral beds.



Environmental Awareness

Green Team Educational Sessions 

The Green Team will be hosting educational sessions and creating both print and digital awareness campaigns for Torbay’s conservation zones and wetland areas. There are six areas that are protected under provincial and municipal legislation which will fall under those zones. They will be working with the Torbay Environmental Advisory Committee determining recommended changes.

The team will be participating in the Town of Torbay Summer Camp activities engaging with the children’s programs and holding educational sessions. Team members will also be attending Folk Arts Council’s afternoon concerts and engaging with residents.




The Green Team will be working closely within the Town of Torbay’s departments and staff, meeting with Torbay’s Environmental Advisory Committee and existing Community Garden volunteers. Along with meeting and visiting other local community gardens: MUN Botanical Garden, Brother Jim McSheffrey Garden and Elaine Dobbin Centre Community Garden. Developing a partnership with Food First NL and the North East Avalon Food Bank in hopes to create a Food Security plan. The team will also be meeting with staff at North Pond Manor senior home to engage residents in elements of their initiatives. They will also be meeting with the Coalition of Persons with Disabilities to determine on how to make gardens more universally accessible to all. While working with the Stewardship Association of Municipalities / Eastern Habitat Joint Ventures for a site visit to show the different habitat management areas.

Conservation Corps Newfoundland and Labrador is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing youth with training and employment in environmental and cultural heritage.

Community Events