My eServices

Check an account balance, register for an upcoming program, reprint a receipt, or request an address change; these are some of the features available to the residents of Torbay through the Town’s eServices!

Proper Set Up is required to Use My eServices

You should have received two separate letters in the mail during early May, 2013. The first letter included your SIGNUP KEY. The second letter included your ACTIVATION KEY. Both of these keys are linked to your account and are required in order to access the Town’s eServices. If you did not receive this information, please call the Town at 437-6532.

For assistance on how to set up your eServices account, download this PDF document with further web services information.

Using my eServices for Payment

Payments are made through eServices through your own personal online banking. This will require you to add the Town of Torbay as a payee in your online banking services, similar to how you would pay any other bill online through your bank. To set up the Town of Torbay as a payee in your online banking, you will need your Town of Torbay Account Number. To obtain your account number, contact us at 437-6532.

The My eServices Portal

My eServices site.