Message from the Fire Prevention Officer

Increased demands now placed on firefighters and other emergency responders require us to have a clear understanding of all aspects of fire prevention and education.

 Every action we take as firefighters projects a long lasting effect on our communities and the citizens we serve. Therefore, we as firefighters must direct a great deal of effort toward potential risks and be cognizant of the impending dangers before they become reality.

 We can best accomplish this by educating our children early, through the “Learn Not To Burn Program” and by stressing the consequences of fire and the importance of life safety, through frequent school visits. Our fellow citizens can best be informed through the department’s use of the public airways, fire station tours, community presentations and residential surveys.

 These types of activities, incorporated with fire inspections, fire incident records and pre incident surveys gives the fire department the necessary information required to deal with any emergency situation should one occur. It also gives homeowners and business operators the opportunity to resolve any problems that may have been identified in the fire hazard reports. Through this we can hopefully reduce our fire frequency rate and eliminate all possible danger to life by fire.

 The cheapest way to fight fires is by preventing them!