Ross Thornhill

1. What experiences (professional and/or personal) do you have that you feel support you as a great candidate for municipal council?

I have been an active volunteer with the Torbay Lions Club for the past 4 years, serving 3 of those years as Club President. Through the Lions Organization, I have learned proper meeting conduct, as well as had the opportunity to help organize various community events! I have also been a business owner since 2006, and I have been involved with the successful implementation of many small and large projects throughout Canada. Given my leadership experience, as well as my business experience in creating and maintaining budgets, reporting KPI’s, as well as meeting deadlines, I believe I would be a great Municipal Council Candidate!

2. What’s one thing you would like residents to know about you? 

I have called Torbay home for the last 20 years, deciding to raise my family in this beautiful community. I have seen how much it has grown and developed over the last 20 years and would love to help plan the future of Torbay!

3. What made you want to run for council?

Through my work with the Torbay Lions Club, I have developed a passion for serving our community. I believe serving on council will give me another outlet to help the residents of Torbay.

4. Why is it important for you to participate in your community this way?

Torbay is my home. I have seen this community flourish over the last twenty years, and I am genuinely interested in working directly with the residents to continue to grow our community.

5. If elected, what do you hope to achieve as a councillor?

Throughout my answers, I have called Torbay my home. It is where I feel I belong. It is where I feel a sense of community. It is where I am proud to say I live. I want to help foster this sense of community and pride in living in Torbay and give our residents a place to call home as well.

6. Can you tell me one specific issue currently facing Torbay, and how you would begin to address it should you be elected?

Traffic Safety – This includes residents walking, speeding and illegal traffic on the streets. Increased knowledge of our many walking trails and increase the amount of sidewalks. A serious sit-down with the RNC to discuss options to curtail the illegal activities, some of which would include a town meeting, more education and increased enforcement. Also evaluate the cost of the commissionaires and compare that with hiring our own municipal enforcement officer to find cost savings and improved response within the Torbay borders.

7. What, do you think, are the major benefits of having a municipal democracy?

Many people with varying experiences and ideas can come together collaboratively and have a say in the further development of our community!

8. In your opinion, how important is diversity on a council?

Diversity is key! Through diversity, we obtain different views and values that can help develop better programs and better address the needs of different age cohorts and cultural groups.

9. Why should residents of Torbay vote you into their council?

I am a team player with a passion for our community. I have seen firsthand the positive outcomes that working with community partners and our residents has. I will be readily open and willing to listen to all residents and look forward to working collaboratively for the betterment of our community.

10. If elected, what will you enjoy most about being a councillor?

Easy! Helping the residents of Torbay!




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