Council Standing Committees 2017 – 2021

1. Human Resources and Administration

Chair: Councillor Geoff Gallant
Member: Deputy Mayor Trina Appleby
Staff: Chief Administration Officer

  • Strategic Planning
  • Internal and external branding, corporate image and customer service
  • Policies and procedures
  • Occupation, Health and Safety
  • Compensation and Benefits
    • Compensation and benefits for CAO, Senior Management and non-unionized staff
    • Human Resources
    • Collective Barganing
    • Recruitment and Retention
    • Training and Development
    • Performance, productivity and discipline
    • Hiring, discipline and dismissal concerning senior management
    • Town’s Succession Plan including specific development plans and career planning
  • CAO’s Performance Evaluation
  • Municipal elections, by-elections, plebiscites or referenda
  • Liaise with Provincial and/or Federal Governments and agencies on issues of interest or concern to the Town of Torbay, including:
    • Gas Tax Agreement (Federal)
    • Fiscal Framework (Provincial)
    • Delegation of Provincial powers to municipalities
  • Setting strategy and dealing with existing and potential regional service matters
  • Fostering partnerships in other matters requiring regional cooperation
  • Standing Committees Terms of Reference

2. Finance

Chair: Councillor Tony Pollard
Member: Councillor Peggy Roche

Staff: Director of Corporate Services

  • Financial statement reporting and auditing
  • Development and management of the annual operating budget and capital out of revenue
  • Preparation of the Annual Fees and Permits Schedule
  • Assessment and Taxation
  • Accounts Payable and recommendations for payment
  • Tax Collection Policy
  • External audit report and recommendations
  • Appointment of auditors, legal services and insurance agents
  • Procurement policies and compliance with the Public Tendering Act
  • Administer tender processes in conjunction with all Departments
  • Donation Requests
  • Developing and implementing a capital asset management system in conjunction with Public Works
  • Accountability, transparency, internal controls, financial planning, information technology, records management, procurement, risk management and insurance, sponsorships and donations

3. Planning and Land Use Development

Chair: Councillor Mary Thorne-Gosse
Member: Councillor Justin Martin

Staff: Director of Planning

  • Monitoring, implementing and amending the Municipal Plan and Development Regulations
  • Town Plan Amendments
  • Subdivision and development applications and agreements
  • Public Consultation Processes related to Land Use Planning
  • Compliance to Urban and Rural PLanning Act and Provincial and Federal Regulations
  • Development Control Services
  • Consult with the community and interest groups in matters relating¬† to land use and planning
  • Real Estate and land management
  • Northeast Avalon Regional Plan
  • Matters impacting protection of the environment
  • Member will serve as Council’s representative on the Environment Advisory Committee
  • Liaison to Stewardship Association of Municipalities (SAM)

4. Community Services and Economic Development

Chair: Deputy Mayor Trina Appleby
Member: Councillor Peggy Roche

Staff: Director of Community Services, Economic Development Officer

  • Liaison with community groups, sport organizations, business community and schools
  • Aims and objectives for the development and delivery of Recreation, Leisure, Arts and Culture Services for all residents including youth and seniors
  • Promotion of active, healthy and positive lifestyles
  • Developing and delivering special events and major community events
  • Beautification of the Town
  • Tidy Towns and Communities in Bloom
  • Snow Treasures Celebration
  • Monitoring and implementation of the Recreation Master plan
  • Member will serve as Council’s representative on the Heritage Advisory Committee
  • Member will serve as Council’s liaison to the A Time In Torbay Committee
  • Communications, Public Relations and Public Engagemnet
  • Promotion, marketing, media and advertising for the Town
  • Shop Local/Shop Torbay
  • Business Attraction, Retention and Expansion
  • Tourism Development
  • Monitoring and implementation of the Tourism Master Plan
  • Monitoring and implementation of the Economic Development Strategic Plan
  • Identification of Funding Opportunities and Proposal Development
  • Liaison for Torbay Library

5. Protective Services and Public Safety

Chair: Councillor Geoff Gallant
Member: Councillor Justin Martin
Staff: Supervisor of Infrastructure and Public Works, Fire Chief and Commissionaires

  • Liaising with the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (RNC) on safety issues
  • Neighbourhood Security
  • Enforcement of Municipal By-Laws
  • Ensure all emergency planning responsibilities are adequately met
  • Provide policy guidance and determine priorities for the Town’s Emergency Preparedness Plan Development
  • Monitoring and amending of the Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • Establish communication links with key community and regional stakeholders to ensure coordination and collaboration regarding issues and activities relaying to emergency preparedness
  • Speed Calming and Pedestrian Safety

6. Public Works and Infrastructure

Chair: Councillor Mary Thorne-Gosse
Member: Councillor Tony Pollard

Staff: Director of Infrastructure and Public Works

  • Maintenance and snow clearing of streets and sidewalks
  • Construction and maintenance of infrastructure, parks, trails, playfields, open spaces and recreational facilities
  • Maintenance of Town Buildings
  • Public Parks and Playground Saftey
  • Development and implementation preventive maintenance and inventory systems
  • Developing specifications, bid documents and recommending tender awards
  • Sanitation and waste disposal systems
  • Monitor waste management systems
  • Maintenance of water, sewer and storm water systems
  • Capital projects, including infrastructure, buildings and recreation facilities
  • Engineering Services
  • Fleet maintenance and replacement strategy
  • Public Transportation
  • Project management – construction projects – facilities and capital works
  • Animal Control

Liaison Committees

Jack Byrne Regional Sports and Entertainment Centre
Mayor Craig Scott and Deputy Mayor Trina Appleby

Northeast Avalon Joint Council
Councillor Mary Thorne-Gosse (Alternate Mayor Craig Scott)

Torbay Harbour Authority
Councillor Justin Martin

Torbay Volunteer Fire Department
Mayor Craig Scott

Urban Municipalities Committee
Mayor Craig Scott (Alternate Councillor Mary Thorne-Gosse)

Standing Committee Meeting Schedule

(As adopted by Council, Public Council Meeting of March 11, 2019)

Council Week

6:30PM – Public Council Meeting

6:30PM – Community Services and Economic Development

Off Week

6:00PM – Committee of the Whole
8:00PM – Human Resources and Administration

5:30PM – Protective Services and Public Safety
6:30PM – Planning and Land Use Development

9:00AM – Finance
10:00AM – Infrastructure and Public Works

The Mayor is an ex-offcio member of all committees and the Chief Administrative Officer may attend each meeting at her discretion.