I want to download the latest Community Guide

Download the latest Town of Torbay Community Guide here.

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How can I share events on Facebook?

Check out all our events on Facebook.

You can like, RSVP, buy tickets, share or even invite your friends and family. It's a great way to spread the word and make sure all town events are fun-filled and well attended.

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I want to see the latest news

Just click here!

Also follow torbaynl on Facebook and Twitter

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Buy tickets or register for an event/program

Most of our event registrations happen through eServices.

If you want to see a list of events check out our webpage or subscribe to upcoming events on Facebook. That way you can see who's coming, invite your friends and be notified when there is something new happening!

You can also download a copy of our community guide.

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Rent Torbay Common

To inquire about renting a room or the gym at Torbay Common, please email smartin@torbay.ca.

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What is the contact information for the Jack Byrne Regional?

Website information for the Jack Byrne Regional.

Main Office: (709) 437-7663
Events Line: (709) 437-7441

Manager:  Lorne Tucker

Administrative Assistant: Cathy Green



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