Who should I contact in the Planning and Development Department

Check the lists below to make sure your request is going to the right person!

Julia Schwarz, Director of Planning & Development
(709) 437-6532 Ext. 224

  • Large scale developments and/or subdivisions
  • Rezoning Inquiries
  • Crown Land Application Inquiries
  • Discretionary Use Inquiries
  • Land Inquiries
  • Municipal Plan Inquiries
  • Residential dwelling and accessory building inquiries
  • Development Regulation Inquiries
  • Can I build on my property?
  • What and where can I build on my property?
  • How big can I construct a building on my property?
  • What are the regulations that apply to my project?
  • What zone is my property located in?

Sandy Parsons, Planning & Development Technician
(709) 437-6532 Ext. 254

  • What is the status of my permit application?
  • I want to get a compliance certificate.
  • I want to apply for an extension to my permit
  • What items are remaining before I can get my Building Permit/Occupancy Permit?

Doug Paul, Development Control Officer
(709) 437-6532 Ext. 266