What is the Planning and Development Department?

The Planning and Development Department monitors development throughout Torbay and enforces the Town of Torbay Development Regulations as well as a number of other regulations which serve to regulate construction and development in the Town, whether it be residential or commercial. The Department is responsible for the permitting of developments and helps guide residents and businesses through the permitting process. They are able to help residents with any questions they may have regarding  development or construction on their own property or in their neighbourhood. The Planning and Development Department is also responsible for the following:


  • Administration and review of the Town’s Municipal Plan & Development Regulations
  • Providing recommendations on policies to guide and control the long term development of the Town
  • Reviewing and processing Building and Development applications
  • Processing of Compliance Letters
  • Processing of Occupancy Permits
  • Development Control
  • Providing General Information and Advice on:
    • Building applications
    • Various land use matters
    • Plan amendments
    • Rezoning amendments
    • Subdivision applications
    • Business development


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