Food Bank Drive-by Pick up

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The North East Avalon Food Bank is in critical need of donations. Volunteers will be doing a drive-by pick up on Saturday, September 15. Food drive collections should be placed in a bag at the end of driveways in the Town of Torbay no later than 11:45 a.m. Saturday September 15th. Volunteers will collect all non-perishable items within two hours of that time.
Anyone who is missed can contact Madonna Galway at 437-6367 and a volunteer will be dispatched to their location for pick up.
Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away and people are hungry; every little bit helps!
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  1. Juvy

    Hi there,

    I am hosting a Christmas event with guests donating to the food bank. Is there a list of items you need that I can put on the invitations for suggestions?

    Thank you,

  2. Town of Torbay


    You can contact Leo and Madonna Galway at 437-6367 for this information (: Thanks!

  3. Judy Quigley

    I have items for the food bank, who do I contact to drop this off? I also have a small frozen turkey approx. 12-14 lbs.

  4. Michelle Edwards

    Is there anyway to donate funds online?

  5. Julieanne Reddy

    Please contact the food bank at to find out how to donate.

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