Capture Torbay Photo Contest

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Calling photographers of all skill levels! We want to see you, our residents, capture Torbay in photos and help us share the beauty of this place we call home.

Photos will be judged in one of three categories:

  • Landscape and Nature
  • Wildlife and Animals
  • Culture and Built Objects

There will be one winner per category. There is no limit of submissions per person, however the person can only win once in only one category.

All photo submissions MUST be taken in/of the Town of Torbay.

Submitted photos must be in jpg or pdf. Raw photo submissions will not be accepted. Submissions must include the photo, signed photo release, category chosen, brief description of the image, your name, mailing address, phone number, and email address. Submissions can be sent to

Deadline for submissions is June 8, 2020 at 4:00PM.

All submitted photos will be shared in a photo gallery on the Town of Torbay’s social media channels. A winner will be announced by June 16, 2020.

Photo Release Disclaimer:

  • The image(s)/photography submitted are mine and I certify that they do not infringe on the property or the rights of any other person or entity, and I have all necessary rights and authority to submit the image/photograph.
  • I agree to the collection, use, and disclosure by the Town of Torbay of my names for the purposes of administering and promoting the Photo Contest and awarding the prize.
  • By submitting my image(s)/photography, I consent to its public display for the purpose of promoting the Photo Contest and understand that my image(s)/photography may be used, published, exhibited, displayed, broadcast, in whole or in part, separately or in conjunction with other visual promotions by the Town of Torbay, in any medium now or hereafter known.
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  1. Patricia Geddea

    Where do I submit photos?

  2. Georgie Brown

    I do not want to enter the contest but with time on my hands during these Covid days I have organized my photos and one album is Seasons in Torbay! If any of them are usable for any town purpose,go ahead and use them.I filled out the contest form in order to give you permission and attest to they are my pictures but you don’t need to put my name in the contest Hope there is something useful there!

  3. Town of Torbay

    You can submit your photos to

  4. Town of Torbay

    Thank you for allowing the Town to use your photos. If you do not want to enter the contest please send the photos and photo release to otherwise please send to

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