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In this two-hour workshop, local forager Shawn Dawson and garden educator Dan Rubin will explain how to safely use a range of methods to preserve and save food, including drying, salting, freezing, pickling, fermenting and canning. Each workshop participant should bring two pounds of local fruit to be made into jam. We will provide everything else needed for this. Participants will receive a detailed handout with instructions and recipes and go home with a jar of fruit jam. Space is limited to 16 participants, so early registration is recommended.  To register, email or call Scott Martin at or by phone at the Torbay Town Hall, 709-437-6532, extension 310.

COVID19 regulations apply

When: Sunday, September 19th
2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Where: Torbay Common Multipurpose Rooms, 8 Kinsmen Place
Ages: 16+
Cost: $20.00 + HST

Please Note: Due to full facility bookings, there will be no programs offered on: September 14th, 25th, 27th & 28th 

Register online here: 


Shawn is recognized as a knowledgeable local gardener and forager of wild plants.   His recently published book, The Forager’s Dinner released by Boulder Publications, has already sold out its first printing.   He continues to lead wild plant walks and workshops and the plants he grows and gathers have been used by local chefs and breweries to create wonderful new food and fermented drinks.   In this workshop he will share his experience with drying, pickling and canning a wide range of foods.



Dan is an experienced local gardener, seedsman and educator whose interest in food production and food security has led him to become deeply interested in food security.   In addition to his own gardening, he has created a local heritage seed company, Perfectly Perennial Herbs and Seeds, and he has led workshops on Creating the Year Round Garden.    As chairperson of a new non-profit group, Food Producers Forum, he is leading a series of projects to expand and sustain local food production.  He has been harvesting and drying herbs, making pickles and jams for many years.

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