Candidates QA


  1. What experiences (professional and/or personal) do you have that you feel support you as a great candidate for municipal council?
  2. What’s one thing you would like residents to know about you?
  3. What made you want to run for council?
  4. Why is it important for you to participate in your community this way?
  5. If elected, what do you hope to achieve as a councillor?
  6. Can you tell me one specific issue currently facing Torbay, and how you would begin to address it should you be elected?
  7. What, do you think, are major benefits of having a municipal democracy?
  8. In your opinion, how important is diversity on a council?
  9. Why should residents of Torbay vote you into their council?
  10. If elected, what will you enjoy most about being a councillor?

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Candidate information below is provided by candidates. Please note that updates to this page are made as information is received by the Town of Torbay.

Trina Appleby
Public Cell : (709) 277-0993 , Email:

Ward Gosse
Public Cell : (709) 727-8184 , Email:

Rhonda Manning
Public Cell : (709) 685-2944 , Email:

Tony Pollard
Public Cell : (709) 437-1427 , Email:

Ralph Tapper
Public Cell : (709) 771-7392 , Email:

Mary Thorne-Gosse
Public Cell : (709) 690-3688 , Email:

Ross Thornhill
Public Cell : (709) 769-4340 , Email:

Chris Wheeler
Public Cell : (709) 325-7425 , Email:

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