Business Top 10

Top 10 Reasons to Start a Business in Torbay

  1. Torbay Road has over 10,000 vehicles using the road on a daily basis
  2. Business taxes are some of the lowest in the St. John’s metropolitan area and Torbay is the second fastest growing urban municipality in Newfoundland & Labrador with a population of approximately 8000.
  3. The business approval system in Torbay is low on red tape and high on efficiency. Apply to starting your business can be complete in a matter of weeks.Torbay is located directly adjacent to the St. John’s International Airport. It’s approximately 20 mins by road to the Port of St. John’s and is 5 mins by road to the Outer Ring Road/Trans-Canada Highway.
  4. The Town is promoting a new mixed use development in the core of Torbay – Amherst Landing, Torbay Town Centre. This development will add to the existing business hub in Torbay adding more commercial development and high density residential options.
  5. Studies suggest that Torbay residents have some of the highest income and disposable income in Newfoundland & Labrador.
  6. Registered businesses have access to economic development staff support and advice. These businesses can also take part in local business community events, mixers and learning sessions.
  7. Registered businesses have the opportunity to participate in annual Small Business Week events and our eligible to be nominated in the annual Torbay Business Awards.
  8. Registered businesses are also eligible to be listed on the Town’s online business directory. This tool is then shared by the Town to help promote its local businesses to residents
  9. The Town has dedicated staff in the Planning & Development Department to assist your application to operate a business and to assist your business grow and expand.
  10. Torbay already has a vibrant, connected business community.