Emergency Water Shut Off

UPDATE: Water has been restored to effected residences. Residents may need to run their water until it runs clear.

Residents are advised that due to unforeseen circumstances, there is currently an emergency water shut off to complete immediate repairs in the area of Country Drive, Hickey’s Place, and Shea’s Lane near the site of the current culvert installation. An update will be issued once water service returns.

Residents may need to run their water, once water service is returned, until it runs clear.

The Town apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.

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  1. heather byrne

    Good day, can you add me to your Torbay News mailing list? I had a friend let me know the water will be shut off today. I would have never known. Thank you

  2. Julieanne Reddy

    Hi Heather, The water shut off advisory was sent out via our Torbay Alerts system. If you would like to sign up to receive alerts you can do so at this link: https://ca.voyent-alert.com/vras/client.html#!/login. You can choose to receive alerts by text, email, phone call, and/or through the app.

  3. heather byrne

    can u please take down my public info here? I was meaning to email, not post here. thanks

  4. Julieanne Reddy

    The information has been taken down. For future reference, please use our Feedback form if you would like your question, request, or comment to remain private: https://torbay.allnettracker.com//Pubs/ServiceRequest

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