UPDATE on Town of Torbay’s State of Emergency

UPDATE: Town Hall will open tomorrow, Tuesday, January 21, at 9:00AM. All town recreation facilities will remain closed.

Effective Monday, January 20, the Town of Torbay will temporarily lift the State of Emergency from the hours of 6AM and 9PM, daily.

However, until that time the following accomodations have been made:

  • Pharmacies are permitted to open from 12PM to 7PM
  • Private snow clearing operators are permitted to operate
  • The delivery of oil to homes is permitted
  • The transportation of essential workers is permitted
  • Emergency response vehicles are permitted to use town roads
  • Municipal snow clearing vehicles and operations are permitted on town roads.

If you must leave your home, please proceed with caution and be mindful of snow clearing operations and pedestrians. However, the Town asks residents to remain at home unless absolutely necessary, to ensure the safety of all residents and staff and facilitate the continued efforts to clear the roads.

Until further notice, all motorists will be prohibited from using roads in Torbay from the hours of 9PM to 6AM to aid in the continued snow clearing effort, with the exception of essential workers, emergency response vehicles, private snow clearing operators, and municipal snow clearing operations. We remind residents that although the storm is over many streets remain a safety hazard. Please proceed with caution.

All Town of Torbay facilities and buildings will remain closed tomorrow, Monday, January 20.

Businesses are permitted to open between the hours of 6AM-9PM. All businesses must cease operations by 9PM when the State of Emergency comes back into effect.

If you have questions related to a non-urgent health matter, please call 811. If you have a question related to dialysis, please call 777-6300. If you have an emergency, please call 911.

Continue to check back for updates.

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  1. Gail Murphy

    What about transport tractor trailer drivers working in Donovan’s Industrial Park!!??? ARE THEY ALLOWED TO go to work tomorrow?

  2. dwayne Serafin

    is access to TCH permitted from Torbay via Torbay Road?

  3. Town of Torbay

    In order to access the TCH from Torbay Road, you would have to go into St. John’s boundary, so please respect their state of emergency.

  4. Town of Torbay

    Torbay residents must respect neighboring municipalities states. Therefore, residents cannot travel through St. John’s while they are in a state of emergency.

  5. Stephanie


    Just wondering about garbage collection….I’m assuming it’s not happening….?

  6. Peter wood

    I just want to inform you,that,there,is a wire down,at 147 Country Drive.I dont know if it is electric or phone.

  7. Town of Torbay

    Thank you for letting us know. Please report all downed wires to Newfoundland Power at 1-800-474-5711. They will come out and assess whether or not it is electric or phone.

  8. Town of Torbay

    All garbage collection for the week, January 21-24 has been cancelled. The regular schedule will resume next week. For more information please visit the news post on our website: https://torbay.ca/article/garbage-collection-cancelled-january-21-24/

  9. Barbara Thorne

    Hi, just wondering if the recreation functions at the Common Center will remain cancelled for tomorrow Jan 22. Thanks

  10. Dee Bomar

    Will the SOE be lifted on Wednesday as well for the access to grocery stores? consideration needs to be given to those who are not able to get through the line ups today, as they are very long and slow going.

  11. Dee Bomar

    Please advise whether residents will be permitted to drive to airport after 12:01 am, in order to catch flights at St. John’s International Airport Tomorrow morning?

  12. Town of Torbay

    Torbay Common will open at 10:00 AM today, January 22. Regularly scheduled programs are cancelled but instead we will be offering free programs that will run from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM. These programs include access to the walking track, open gym for ages 6 and up, and tots soft play for ages 5 and under with parent supervision.

  13. Town of Torbay

    The SOE will be lifted daily from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM until further notice.

  14. Town of Torbay

    There is an exception in place for taxis to drive to and from the airport outside the temporary lifting of the state of emergency, which would be the best option for travelling to the airport. If that is not an option then we suggest that you bring proof of the reason you are on the road such as a flight itinerary to show if you are stopped but we can not confirm that you will not be fined.

  15. Terry

    Can you make residential courier deliveries on Friday January 23rd, 2020?

  16. Town of Torbay

    The state of emergency has been lifted in Torbay so you are free to make deliveries.

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