Torbay’s Goodwill Programs

There are several ways The Town of Torbay is enabling residents to give back this holiday season through setting up donation opportunities. The Town would like to clarify that all food items and toys collected as part of our Goodwill Programs this holiday season will be distributed to families within Torbay and the Killick Coast Region. Click here to find the rack card distributed to all residents about this process.

There is some misinformation circulating that donations collected will be given to families outside the Region – this is not correct. Residents can continue to drop non-perishable foods items and toys to the Town Hall. If residents prefer that their donation of toys go to the Food Bank versus the Single Parents Association, the toys will be placed in their bin. Thank you for your continued support of these community programs.

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  1. Donna Evans

    Can we still donate winter coats and where would we bring them ?

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