Torbay’s Budget Consultation Update




The town of Torbay held part of their budget consultation process tonight with a live event at the Jack Byrne Community Room. Residents who could not attend can see all the video progress updates here!

The Town would like to thank the residents who have participated up to this point and those who attended this event. And keep sending in your comments using the Feedback button on this site or using #AskTorbay on any social media channel.

Most importantly, the Mayor and all members of council would like to encourage residents to keep engaging.

“We want you, our residents, to know that we care. We are listening. And we want you to keep talking with us. It’s never to late to get involved and make your voice heard. It matters.” – Town of Torbay Council.




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  1. Lesley

    The video clips are an awesome way to provide all the updates of positive things that are happening here in Torbay!

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