Torbay Winter Olympic Activities


Show us how you celebrate our athletes at the 2022 Winter Olympic Games! Take part and play along by downloading our Olympic Bingo card and completing tasks for a chance to win a prize pack! To enter, participants must complete a straight or horizontal line of tasks. Each line completed will be an entry into our prize draws. Participants will be asked to send along their completed bingo cards and pictures/videos of each task they have completed to by February 22 at 4:00 pm. 

When: February 2nd – February 22nd
Ages: All Ages


Share the Cheer Contest

When: February 2nd – February 16th
Ages: 8-11 & 12-15 (Please specify when submitting)

Join the Town of Torbay in celebrating the 2022 Winter Olympic Games and supporting our home country! Submit a brief essay; including how you plan on supporting and cheering on your team, what you are most looking forward to throughout the games, and why you think the Olympics is an important part of sports for its athletes for a chance to win a Team Canada “Watch Party” Prize Pack! Entries can be submitted to by February 16th – 4:00 pm and winners will be chosen by members of the Community Services and Recreation team. Participants are asked to please specify the age of the participant when submitting. As always, the are bonus points for including a picture of you submitting and cheering on your team!

Guess the Scores Contests

When: Throughout the Olympics
Ages: All Ages

Have you joined our new Community Services and Recreation Facebook group yet? Head over to and keep an eye out for our Guess the Score Contests. Throughout the Olympics, staff will select different games/matches and ask you to predict the score! Comment your score prediction before the start of the event and the first person to correctly guess the score and winning team for the game/matchup will receive a Town of Torbay prize pack!

Metal Tracking

When: February 2nd – February 22nd
Ages: All Ages

Create your own medal collection by following along and tracking the results of a country of your choice! Download our medal tracking sheet, pick a country to follow, and begin the medal count. Record the results of the country of your choice each time they collect a medal and submit your result at the end of the games for a chance to win a prize! Medal sheets can be submitted to by February 22nd at 4:00 pm.


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