Torbay Volunteer Fire Department – 2019 Awards

Five Years Service:
FF Shelaine Wade
Lt. Kirk Russell
FF Matthew Oates
FF Ryan MacAulay
FF Jamie Pike

10 Years Service:
FF Jason Mercer
Capt. Ray Clarke
FF Randy Strickland
Capt. Rodney Gaudet
FF Mike Dwyer

15 Years Service
FF Paul Blundon
Lt. Rudy Bragg

20 Years Service: Firefighter John Gosse
25 Years Service: Captain Phonse McGrath
45 Years Service: Chief Mike McGrath

NFPA 1001 Level I Firefighter Certificate:
Firefighter Gareth Rowberry

Best Attendance:
Officer: Captain Ken Dodd
Firefighter: John Gosse

New Honorary Members:
Jules Dore (15 years service)
John Coady (16 years service)
Bob Webber (33 Years Service)

WM Manning Firefighter of the Year Award:
Captain Rodney Gaudet

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