Successful Municipal Awareness Day 2018 for the Town of Torbay

It was a successful Municipal Awareness Day 2018 for the Town of Torbay, with the launch of several new initiatives and a day full of fun.

Mayor Scott and Councillor Throne-Gosse kicked off the day at Holy Trinity Elementary, where Ms Keating’s grade four class held their first municipal election. Mayor Scott prepped the students on how an election works, and how to choose their candidates.

The appointed returning officer, Daniel, did his due diligence in ensuring each student chose seven names from the ballot. In the end, they chose two Mayors in a tie decision, a Deputy Mayor, and a Council of five members.

After an intense morning of governance at the elementary school, Mayor Scott and Councillor Thorne-Gosse spent the afternoon serving residents coffee and lunch at Traditional Coffee House. Both were quick learners when it came to using the coffee machines, and even cleaned up after their “shift.” They were lucky enough to meet visitors to Torbay as well, some from Halifax and some from as far as Pennsylvania, and tell them a little about the town.

Midday, The Conversation was launched. It’s a new interface on the town website where residents can connect with the town, Councillors, and each other! Remember to sign up and join in today at

The day ended at Tapper’s Gas Bar, where the mayor and councillors helped the attended pump gas. Councillor Martin joined for this activity, rounding out a successful Municipal Awareness Day.

The Mayor and Councillors are looking forward to continuing their Councillors in the Community initiative once a month, and are already planning what great activities they can do for next year’s Municipal Awareness Day.

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