Sliding Events Cancelled Due to Safety Concerns

Following concerns expressed by residents, the Town of Torbay performed a safety check on the hill at Woodbridge Park and have determined that due to the lack of clearance at the bottom of the hill considering the proximity of the treeline, the hill is not safe for Town-sponsored sliding/sledding events and the Town does not recommend that residents use the hill for sledding.
As a result the town sliding events scheduled for February have been cancelled.
When choosing a hill for sledding, please look for a hill that regresses gracefully into an open space so sliders, regardless of speed, can safely cruise to a stop.

Sliding/Sledding Safety Tips:

  • Children under 5 years of age should never go down a hill alone.
  • Always wear a helmet suitable for snow sports, such as a ski or hockey helmet, while sliding.
  • Never use a sled with sharp or jagged edges. Handholds should be secure.
  • Use a sled you can steer rather than a snow disk or inner tube to provide better control.
  • Sleds mounted onto skis (i.e. GT Racers) are not recommended, as they can reach dangerous speeds.
  • Always sit up or kneel on a sled; lying down can increase risk of injury to the head, spine, or stomach.
  • Never slide near roadways.
  • Slide on shallow slopes that are free of trees, fences, or any other obstacles.
  • Avoid sliding on crowded slopes.
  • Slide during the day. If sliding during the night, make sure the hill is well lit.
  • Slide down the middle of the hill and walk/climb up along the sides. Watch for other sliders and move quickly out of the way once your sled has come to a stop.
Please stay safe when enjoying outdoor winter activities.
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