Road Improvements on Quigley’s Lane

The Town of Torbay would like to advise residents that road improvements will be taking place on Quigley’s Lane.  Work will commence the week of July 8, 2019 and is anticipated to last 2-3 weeks. Local traffic on Quigley’s Lane and Mascarin Place will be impacted.

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  1. Tina

    Hi Mr Scott,
    I truly hope the shoulder of the main roads into Torbay will soon be repaired or even a sidewalk will be installed. I take my life in my hands everyday when I walk on the main road near PJ’s and Irving. I think it’s time Torbay start getting with the 20th century and install some sidewalks on the main road. At least one side of the road. I can’t imagine how the children walk on the sides of these roads during school year. I have tripped and fallen many times coming down that narrow caved in shoulder between PJ’s and Irving. It’s time Torbay cleaned up the community’s appearance and structure.

  2. Town of Torbay

    Thank you for your suggestion. The town has submitted a funding proposal to place a sidewalk along one side of Torbay Road from Mahon’s Lane to Juniper Ridge. We are currently awaiting the outcome.

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