To Report a Pothole Please Contact the Department of Infrastructure and Public Works

Phil Vokey
Supervisor of Infrastructure and Public Works
(709) 437-6532 ext. 286

What causes potholes?
Most often, potholes are caused by freeze-thaw cycles during the spring season.

As snow melts in warmer temperatures, the water seeps into cracks in the pavement or subgrade and freezes when the temperature drops, causing the subgrade to expand. This puts pressure on the pavement in a small area, resulting in a pavement failure or pothole.

Repairing potholes
The Town of Torbay tries to repair potholes in a safe, timely, and cost effective manner.

Repairing potholes is an important part of street maintenance, as potholes are a hazard on the roadway and a nuisance to drivers. Depending on the situation and the time of year, potholes are either repaired with cold-mix patch (winter repairs) or hot-mix asphalt (when available).

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