Notice – Non-Flushable Products

Residents are advised that consumer products marketed as “Disposable” or “Flushable” should never be flushed from a toilet.

Utilities workers are often responding to sewer lift-station alarms as their pumps are becoming regularly clogged with items that are unsuitable for sewer systems. Some products may also claim to be “Biodegradable”, however, these may not necessarily degrade enough for a sewer system to process.

All these products are not limited to adversely affecting municipal sewer systems, they can also clog home septic systems. So if in doubt, please dispose of them in your regular household garbage.

Items that should NOT be flushed include:

  • “Flushable” Toilet Brushes
  • “Flushable” Cleaning Pads
  • Toilet Wipes
  • Wet Mopping Cloths
  • Cloth Baby Diapers
  • Sanitary Pads
  • Puppy/Pet Training Pads

If you have any questions regarding how to properly dispose of your household waste, contact the Department of Infrastructure and Public Works at 437-66532.


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  1. Millie Torres

    Sanitary items backed with paper are unmarked. Other sanitary products are marked yes or no. It is distasteful to dispose a used pantyliner into a bathroom waste basket. The Edgewell liner “Caress” is the particular one I am asking about. I want to flush but I want to be sure it won’t cause a plumbing problem.

    The subject should be addressed on the package. Can you get assurance that “Caress” by Edgewell is flushable?

  2. Ross @ Torbay

    Hi Millie,

    We usually advise residents to err on the side of caution as anything more than bathroom tissue can cause blockages and faults with our sanitary system.

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