New Torbay Area 5-7 School

Mr. Don Emberley, Principal, New Torbay Area School and the Members of the New School Council are inviting all school community members to review the new name shortlist and to indicate your preference. Please note this is not a vote, and the name that receives the majority of responses may not necessarily be the final name selected. However, School Council is seeking community input, which will be considered when selecting the final name to be submitted for approval to the School Board.

New Torbay Area School Name Shortlist


Juniper Ridge Intermediate: Nestled at the base of the Whitty’s Ridge, our school is represented by the Juniper tree. The Juniper signifies a great journey with many twists and turns, and the importance of staying true to oneself while never compromising one’s integrity.

North East Intermediate: Uniting the four communities on the North East Avalon, our school is a lasting testament that our greatest success is realized when we work together.

Spruce Ridge Intermediate: Located on the edge of our rugged coastline, our school is represented by our Provincial Tree, the Black Spruce. This tree stands for nobility, generosity and peace, all values that we promote and encourage.

Water’s Edge Intermediate: Located between Watt’s Pond and the North Atlantic Ocean, and synonymous with our shoreline, Water’s Edge Intermediate unites our communities and promotes a culture of diversity and respect.

To submit your name preference please click the following link.


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  1. Justin Martin

    Holy Trinity Intermediate

    1. Ross @ Torbay

      Hi Justin,

      The call for submissions we believe has concluded. The School council are asking for residents to choose from the attached shortlist. Thanks for getting in touch!

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