Municipal Awareness Day In Torbay

A day full of exciting announcements and events took place on Municipal Awareness Day, Wednesday May 10th. Read all about it below and check out our gallery of photos.

Sign Unveiling at Site of New Museum

The Town of Torbay earlier this week had confirmed that the Purchase & Sale Agreement for the Priest’s House on Convent Lane had been signed. On Wednesday a sign was unveiled, announcing that the Priest’s House would become the home of the Torbay History House & Museum.

Municipal Enforcement Partnership

The next event of the day was to signify the Municipal Enforcement Partnership between the Commissionaires and Towns of Torbay and Portugal Cove – St. Philip’s. This is a pilot project for one year for the Commissionaires to provide security services to both municipalities.

Regional Mutual Aid Agreement

The next event was to sign a Regional Mutual Aid Agreement between the Volunteer Fire Departments of Torbay, Portugal Cove – St. Philip’s and Pouch Cove. This agreement formalizes the process for any one fire department to request the assistance of another with our region. This agreement is testament to the desire of our volunteer fire departments to help anyone in need, where ever they may be in our region. As pictured below, the agreement signed by three Fire Chiefs from Torbay, Portugal Cove – St. Philip’s and Pouch Cove. The agreement was also signed by Mayors Joedy Wall of Pouch Cove, Moses Tucker of Portugal Cove – St. Philip’s and Ralph Tapper of Torbay. MHA Kevin Parsons and the Hon. Eddie Joyce, Minister for Municipal Affairs and Environment were both present for the occasion.

Minister Eddie Joyce and MHA Kevin Parsons were invited to inspect the brand new Fire Rescue truck which was recently commissioned by the Torbay Volunteer Fire Department. Mayor Tapper, Minister Joyce and MHA Parsons participated in officially presenting the keys to Torbay Volunteer Fire Department Chief, Michael McGrath.

Municipal Depot Grand Opening

The most exciting event of the day took place at the Town of Torbay’s new Municipal Depot which was opened with a ceremonial ribbon cutting. Assisting with the ceremony was Bernie Manning, Director of Infrastructure & Public Works, MHA Kevin Parsons, Minister Eddie Joyce and foreman Bob Gosse. Check out some video from Facebook Live.

Just prior to the opening of the new depot. The street upon which the new Depot resides was officially named. “William Manning Drive”, named in honour of William (Bill) Manning. Mr. Manning was Torbay’s first Mayor who died tragically during his term of office. Assisting Mayor Tapper, MHA Parsons and Minister Joyce with the unveiling was Mrs. Joyce Manning, Bill’s widow and Yvonne Manning, Bill’s daughter pictured in the gallery below.

Grade 4 Mock Council

Our final event of the day was a Grade 4 Mock Council students from teacher Kim Keating’s Holy Trinity Elementary School visited Torbay Town Hall and participated in a Mock Council. Questions were put to the Mock Council by their classmates who were in the public gallery. Town staff even helped our Mock Council with some of the answers to their questions!

Torbay Votes

The Town of Torbay as part of its Municipal Awareness Day events has launched the website This site will be the hub for residents regarding the upcoming municipal elections in September. You can find out information on when the elections are, how to run as a candidate and it will announce who the candidates are after nomination day on August 29th. Most importantly you can find out if you are on the voters list.

Check it out today!

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