Mayor Scott Provides a Message on the Current State of Affairs in Ukraine

Over the past number of days, we have all been horrified and dismayed by the events unfolding in Ukraine. The illegal war being waged by Russia against that country and its citizens is beyond comprehension and challenging to understand.


The people of Ukraine have shown us what it means to sacrifice all you have in the name of freedom and fight back against those who would take it from them. President Volodymyr Zelensky has inspired his people and those of us worldwide who aspire to be leaders in our communities and improve the lives of our fellow citizens.


We see reports daily of ordinary men and women taking up arms and using whatever is at their disposal to prepare to fight off the Russian invaders. We also see reports of citizens of Ukraine, men, women, and children being killed by indiscriminate bombs dropped on their unsuspecting heads. This breaks my heart and the hearts of many who are watching these events unfold. I am proud that the international community, Canada, has stepped up to send weapons and other supplies to help Ukraine defend itself. At times like this, it is so important for those of us who believe in the rule of law and democracy to come together to denounce the actions of an evil dictator like Vladimir Putin.


Although we are half a world away, it’s important for us to show our support for the brave people of Ukraine and to help in any way we can. I have requested that the Ukraine flag be flown at the Torbay Town Hall as a show of support and solidarity with the people of Ukraine. I will also request that the Town of Torbay donate the Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis through the Canadian Red Cross. 


On behalf of the Council, I would encourage anyone who would like to help make your donation. Every little bit helps to provide necessities to those living in peril right now, so if you want to donate to the Canadian Red Cross, please visit their website or call 1-800-418-1111.


Thank you,

Mayor Craig Scott

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