Great Torbay Pick Me Up – Winner Announced

We had great weather conditions on Saturday May 13th for the annual Great Torbay Pick Me Up. A total of almost 40 bags of garbage were collected by residents on Town streets. So if Torbay is looking a little more beautiful today, it’s down to the hard work of those dedicated residents. Thank you for getting involved and helping keep Torbay beautiful!

The winner of the garbage collection prize is Jamie Hunt who collected 10 bags of garbage with his local group of Beavers. Jamie wins a backyard composter which comes with a mini-kitchen transporter. Residents who wish to purchase there very own composter can do so at Town Hall for $50 + HST.

Congratulations to Jamie, and thank you to everyone who took part!


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  1. Jamie Hunt

    I would like to thank all 6 of our white tail Beavers that participated in this event and did an awesome job picking up garbage. We will draw names to see which lucky Beaver/family gets the composter.

    1. Ross @ Torbay

      Thanks Jamie, great job to you and your group! It was a wonderful team effort!

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