Fire Restrictions Removed

The Torbay Volunteer Fire Department has advised that as the provincial fire ban is being lifted, local restrictions are being removed too. We ask everyone to remain fire safe when burning brush or having a campfire/bonfire.

When burning brush, a burn permit is required, and the policies that go with the permit must be followed. This includes where you burn and the weather/wind conditions when you have the fire.

For household bonfires, be sure to have a water source large enough to deal with the fire and any subsequent sparks, be sure not to have combustible materials near the fire, and keep the fire contained and supervised at all times.

If you are to have a campfire, ensure a suitable water source, ensure the fire is completely out before leaving it and be mindful of the wind/weather, as not every day is a good day for a fire.

Please help us keep the area safe!

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