Fire Advisory Issued for Town of Torbay and Town of Flatrock

Torbay Volunteer Fire Department (TVFD) is advising all residents of the Town of Torbay and Town of Flatrock that the Fire Advisory issued April 28, 2020 remains effect with an exception regarding the use of consumer fireworks.  Effective July 1, 2020 continuing to July 14, 2020 the lighting of consumer fireworks will be temporarily permitted.

Residents are reminded to follow safety guidelines for the lighting of fireworks.

Please contact the Torbay Volunteer Fire Department should you have any questions regarding safe use of fireworks.


Torbay Volunteer Fire Department (TVFD) is advising all residents of the Town of Torbay and Town of Flatrock that a fire advisory is currently in effect.

In accordance with the bulletin issued by the Provincial Department of Fisheries and Land Resources on April 22, 2020, open air fires are banned in our region with the exception of contained fires such as firepits, chimeneas, and burning barrels. Barbeques, including charcoal briquette and propane, when installed and used as per manufacturer’s instructions are also permitted. Residents are further advised that the lighting of consumer fireworks is not permitted until further notice.

We request all residents practice fire safety when using barbeques, firepits, chimeneas, and burning barrels by always keeping a water source or fire extinguisher nearby and ensuring fires are fully extinguished when you are finished. NEVER LEAVE A FIRE UNATTENDED.

These open air firepits, chimeneas, and burning barrels are required to be:

  • assembled and installed in accordance with the appliance manufacturer’s instruction, if supplied;
  • located at least 3 meters from any building, structure or combustible material;
  • capable of completely containing/enclosing the fire;
  • equipped with a spark guard or mesh screen to prevent escape of sparks and/or embers;
  • placed on a firm and level non-combustible surface. This surface should extend a minimum of 0.5m completely outside the perimeter of the appliance;
  • continuously attended by someone with access to a source of water or fire extinguisher until such a time that the fire has been fully extinguished.

Please use the following safety guidelines for firepits, chimeneas, and burning barrels:

  • use only seasoned wood that has not been chemically treated;
  • use only when wind speeds are not in excess of 25 km per hour;
  • ensure smoke does not cause an annoyance to adjacent properties.

TVFD has been committed to reducing the risk of COVID-19 exposure during emergency calls by adhering to social distancing guidelines. We ask all residents to co-operate by reducing the risk of wildfires and possible exposure to COVID-19 by firefighters and other first responders.

TVFD will continue to monitor the situation for any increase in fire response calls within our region and will provide updates to this Advisory as needed.

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