Development Notice | Discretionary Use | 585-597 Indian Meal Line | 49 Unit Row Dwelling

The Town of Torbay is in receipt of an application proposing a multi-unit residential development (un-serviced) to be located on approx. 5.5 hectares of land at 585-597 Indian Meal Line. The proposal involves the consolidation of two parcels of land (585 & 597 Indian Meal Line), is proposed to be completed in two phases and encompasses 49 dwelling units in total in condominium ownership. Each dwelling unit is contained in either a double or triple row dwelling, and will be one storey in height, approximately 113 m2 (1216 f2) in size, with two bedrooms. The proposal is intended to be for the ‘50+ living’ market and will include off-street parking in front of each unit plus an attached garage. The property is located within the Residential Large Lot (RLL) Land Use Zone of the Torbay Development Regulations 2015-2025, and the proposed double, row dwelling and apartment/condominium uses are listed as discretionary. This application is processed in accordance with Regulations 33 and 90, requiring public notification.

Anyone wishing to comment on this proposal is asked to contact the Town Office in writing. The deadline for written comments shall be Friday June 30th, 2023. A copy of the Land Use Assessment Report on this proposal is available on the Town’s website at or by contacting the Town’s Planning and Development Department.

Click here more information about this development notice including a complete Land Use Assessment Report.

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