DEVELOPMENT NOTICE – Discretionary Use Notice – 1235 Torbay Road

Discretionary Use Notice – 1235 Torbay Road
(Response Deadline Friday, March 3, 2023)


The Town of Torbay is in receipt of an application proposing to consolidate property at 1229 & 1235 Torbay Road to construct a 360m2 (3,875f2) extension to the existing storage facility at 1229 Torbay. The applicant is proposing to expand the existing use, which includes interior and exterior storage of construction/rental equipment. There will be no storage in the front yard. The business currently maintains its own fleet. The applicant is proposing to convert to a fully electric fleet plus offer the maintenance of other electrical vehicles and equipment.

The property is located within the Mixed Development (MIX) Land Use Zone of the Torbay Development Regulations 2015-2025. The proposed storage and minor (electric) automotive repair uses are defined as ‘light industry’, which is listed as discretionary in the MIX Land Use Zone. This application is processed in accordance with Regulations 33 and 90, requiring public notification.

Anyone wishing to comment on this proposal is asked to contact the Town Office in writing. The deadline for written comments shall be March 3, 2023. Further information on this matter may be obtained by contacting the Town’s Planning and Development Department.





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