Community Centre Construction Contract Signing

On Friday, January 19th at 9:00am, Mayor Craig Scott and members of Torbay Town Council gathered for the signing of the Community Centre Construction Contract with Rod Ackerman, Senior Vice President with the Marco Group of Companies.

Mayor Scott commented on the new depot that opened last year, the new Upper Three Corner Pond Park multi-purpose building and trails , Town Hall renovations that are soon to start and now this new Community Centre that will see construction beginning soon, as wonderful infrastructure improvements for our Town and residents.

Pictured Above: Mayor Craig Scott signing the construction contract for the new Community Centre.

Pictured Above: Rod Ackerman, Senor Vice President with the Marco Group of Companies signing the construction contract for the new Community Centre.

Pictured Above: Deputy Mayor Trina Appleby, Councillor Tony Pollard and Councillor Peggy Roche joining Mayor Scott and Mr. Ackerman for the signing ceremony.

Pictured Above: The site plan lays out the building including full size gymnasium, walking track, large event atrium and multi-purpose rooms. In purple, you will see where the splashpad will be located. In yellow is the area for the new playground. The light-blue area shows where the skate-park is to be located. To the front and rear of the building are open, multi-use spaces. There is also curved concrete outside which will form a mini-amphitheater.

Pictured Above: A draft rendering of the Town’s new Community Centre. Please be advised due to the nature of the contract, the final building design may not be exactly as shown. As the project progresses, residents will be kept apprised!


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  1. Ross Thornhill

    Where can residents see the plans for this building ? What is going to be included ?

  2. Ross @ Torbay

    Good question Ross, we’ve just included a new image showing the layout of the full site. As construction begins and modifications are required, we’ll keep residents aware of how it’ll all come together.

  3. Ashley

    Pleassssssse put in a batting cage! Softball is a staple sport in the community!

  4. Katherine

    Will there be a pool? I will be there with bells on to swim regularly if there is!

  5. Mary A. Walsh


  6. Ross @ Torbay

    HI Mary, It will be on the existing site of the Kinsmen Community Centre on Kinsmen Place!

  7. Ross @ Torbay

    Hi Katherine,

    The Town did look at this as an option but with financial and funding constraints we are unfortunately unable to include it in the project.

  8. Ross @ Torbay

    Hi Ashley, thanks for the comment! We’ll pass that along to staff in the Community Services Department.

  9. Dana

    Love it and it is very unfortunate that there won’t be a pool, but I am sure with all the other great features it will be a great enhancement to the town of Torbay.

  10. Ross @ Torbay

    It absolutely will Dana, thanks for your comment!

  11. Dinah Helpert

    Wow!!!! Torbay is the place to be living!!!

  12. Ross @ Torbay

    We think so! Thanks for your comment Dinah.

  13. Linda

    It’s very unfortunate that a pool isn’t able to be included. I’m sure I can speak for a lot of people that this is disappointing. It seems like a lot of other communities seem to be getting one. I have two kids and getting them enrolled in swimming lessons for the time that works for us is very hard because we have to wait to see what’s left.

  14. Ross @ Torbay

    HI Linda,

    Thanks for getting in touch. Totally understandable, the cost was unfortunately prohibitively high when examined and so we were unable to include it.

  15. Susan

    Where will this be built to exactly?

  16. Ross @ Torbay

    Hi Susan,

    The facility will be located on the current site of the existing Kinsmen Community Centre.

  17. Ralph Tapper

    Congratulations to our new Council for following through on this very important project that will have a positive impact on our Town when completed. A facility like this for all residents to enjoy was long overdue. Well done.

  18. Courtney

    Will this community center open more Recreation worker jobs ??

  19. Karen

    Hi will there be a work out area with equipment? And where is the walking track?

  20. Nadine

    Excited to see this but also really disappointed that a pool wasn’t included. Surrounding communities would have likely used the facility for lessons/swimming as well, and that would have created extra revenue. I come from a small town on the northern peninsula and they fundraised within the town and applied for government funding to open a pool which residents have been using for almost 3 decades. I hope the new facility in Torbay at least allows for expansion to include a pool in the future if the tax base allows it.

  21. Ross @ Torbay

    Hi Courtney,

    Thanks for getting in touch. The operational model and staffing needs are currently being examined for our new facility.

  22. Ross @ Torbay

    Hi Karen,

    Thanks for the question! The walking track is located in the gymnasium and will wind around the playing area. There is unfortunately no fitness equipment but the building is designed with future expansion taken into account.

  23. Ross @ Torbay

    Hi Nadine,

    Unfortunately the pool was not financially feasible for the Town but yes, the building is designed with future expansion possible.

  24. Mary Lou.

    Congrats on working so hard to get this project started. Waiting now to see construction start up. This building is very much needed in this community. Being involved for many years as a volunteer I know this to well. Understandable that this facility does not have a pool we are less than a half hour away from two beautiful pools and I really don’t think another one so close to our community would be feasible. Can’t wait to take advantage of this beautiful building and what it will offer. Thank You.

  25. Ross @ Torbay

    Thanks for your kind words Mary Lou! We’re excited to see construction start soon and to see our community groups benefiting!

  26. Cory Williams

    What is the contact completion date?

  27. Ross @ Torbay

    HI Cory,

    Lots of factors at play, but we estimate 18 months approximately!

  28. Upper

    Gerry Hayes, Jan. 23rd.
    Great news to see such a facility coming to Torbay. To bad it has to be in such a dense residential area with houses right next door. Was the 50 plus acres site at Upper Three Corner Park or the land with the great view east of the Town Hall considered. What facilities that are presently on site being removed and are they being relocated such as Sostball Field, Tennis Court etc.Is it true that the present Kinsmen Centre, approx. 40 yrs. old, is being demolished. Every success with this new project.

  29. Ross @ Torbay

    Hi Gerry,

    Thanks for your comment! The site behind Town Hall was looked at potentially but was ruled out as higher cost unfortunately. The minor softball field and multi-purpose courts we are losing because of the size of the new building are already being replaced and under construction at Upper Three Corner Pond Park! An expanded playground and skateboard park are included in this new build at the Kinsmen Community Centre site.

  30. jed

    hope there is room for lots of paddys day concerts torbay is growing lots of talant,torbay folks arts know on the go the tradition coffee house is busy every thursday nite with talant thanks for time.

  31. Ross @ Torbay

    Hi Jed,

    We’ll finally have a building that is meeting the needs of our residents for a whole range of activities that we currently don’t have the capacity for!

  32. Joe Coady

    Nice to see the Kinsmen name retained on this property. It was thru the efforts of many Torbay Kinsmen a few years ago that this property was purchased and developed and subsequently turned over to the town. On another note, i believe that the ballfield was extensively used especially for the kids. What contingencies are in place for this?

  33. Ross @ Torbay

    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for reaching out. The minor softball field we are losing due to this construction is already being replaced. Construction began on a replacement minor softball field in late 2017 at the Upper Three Corner Pond Park!

  34. Cory Slaney

    Great news Town of Torbay! It’s nice to see progress and construction underway! Did you consider a secondary exit and/or entrance for the facility. I suspect that increases in traffic flow from and onto Bauline Line will become problematic during high attendance events/activities.

  35. Ross @ Torbay

    Hi Cory,

    Thanks for the comment. We’re excited to see progress on our new community centre! For the vast majority of the facility’s operations, the existing entrance will meet the traffic demand. Funding available was utilized to maximize the building and related recreation infrastructure.

  36. LJ

    Will the walking track be free or will there be a cost involved to walk? We love Torbay but all these hills and lack of side walks make it hard for seniors to find a place to walk. The arena is $2 every time you use it.

  37. Ross @ Torbay

    Hi there!

    Thanks for the question all fees/rentals for the facility and programs that will take place inside are still under development.

    No decisions on if or what fees will be placed on the walking track at this time.

  38. Carol A

    When is the be center expected to be open?

  39. Town of Torbay

    We are anticipating summer 2019!

  40. Al

    What is the capacity of the new building? With only 61 parking spaces(Includes 9 Handicap spaces) capacity should be not over 300. Am I correct? I’ve asked this question numerous times but, it never seem to get answered.

  41. Town of Torbay

    Hi Al, the community centre building was designed and constructed based on the Town’s current regulations. Council is aware of the potential parking limitations and is reviewing all options to address. Thanks!

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