Chemical Testing Pilot Project Launched for Private Well Water

“We are pleased to see the launch of this pilot program as it will help private well owners with testing chemical levels in their well water, to assess the overall quality of their drinking water. Collecting this baseline data will help evaluate any risk to the public and protect human health.”


Honourable Bernard Davis
Minister of Environment and Climate Change


The Water Resources Management Division, with the Department of Environment and Climate Change, have collaborated with the Departments of Digital Government and Service NL, Health and Community Services and the Geological Survey, with the Department of Industry, Energy and Technology to distribute approximately 2,000 chemical test kits at various Digital Government and Service NL regional offices, and are available for pick up at no cost to well owners.  Participants will be asked to fill out a sample record form, collect water in the bottle provided and return the completed kit to the nearest regional office.

Learn more about this initiative here.

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