A note from the Holy Trinity Cemetery Committee

Many thanks to all those who have helped in the general clean-up of our cemeteries in the last few weeks. The grass and debris has been removed from the first section of the Torbay Road site (Marine Drive to the first gate). Many of the holes in the ground have been filled with topsoil and will be seeded in the near future. The next area to clear is from the first gate to the hill overlooking the bottom of the cemetery. A general tidy of the public areas at the Bauline Line site will also be undertaken.

With our Cemetery Masses coming up, we urge all families to take time to clean and beautify the plots of your loved ones as a sign of your continued love and respect for them. The Committee would like to put forward a request that if possible families could select a plot that has not been cared for in recent years and clean it up — adopt-a-plot. It would not be necessary to spend money on the clean-up; just spend some time tidying someone else’s plot by removing debris and cutting the grass. By caring for the final resting place of your family members and others, you are providing a wonderful example to the next generation. Once again, thank you.

Reminder: Holy Trinity Cemetery Masses are scheduled as follows:
• Torbay Road: Wednesday, July 18 at 7:00 pm
• Bauline Line: Wednesday, July 25 at 7:00 pm

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