A Holiday Greeting from Mayor Scott

As we enter the Holiday Season, Town of Torbay Mayor, Craig Scott, is bringing season’s greetings on behalf of Council and staff:

Another year has quickly come to an end, and as we look ahead to 2022, we look forward to great things not only as individuals but collectively as members of this beautiful community. We have had an exciting year in Torbay as we have witnessed progress in our Town, neighborhoods, and business community. And we anticipate many more successes in the year ahead!

As we reflect on the past year, I want to thank all our Town employees for their diligence, professionalism, and flexibility. Our gratitude certainly goes out to every one of you – it has been noticed, and it is indeed very much appreciated.

I’m proud to be your mayor, and I am sincerely honored to continue to serve you. I look forward to the opportunities that lie before us in the new year, and given how challenging the past many months have been for all of us, it feels essential to express our hopes and dreams for brighter days ahead in 2022. Above all, do not give up hope – we will all get through this time together.

In closing, during the Holiday Season and beyond, as Health Officials recommend and remind us – please remember to continue to wash your hands regularly, practice social distancing and wear a mask!

On behalf of Council and staff at the Town of Torbay, I wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season and a safe and Happy New Year.

Mayor Craig Scott

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