2021-2025 Torbay Town Council Sworn In

The Town of Torbay’s 2021-2025 Council was sworn in Monday evening October 4, 2021 and Mary Thorne-Gosse was elected as Deputy Mayor.

Craig Scott

Trina Appleby
Ward Gosse
Rhonda Manning
Tony Pollard
Ralph Tapper
Mary Thorne-Gosse

A sincere thank you to outgoing Councillors; Councillor Gallant (12 years), Councillor Martin (4 years) and Councillor Roche (24 years) for their many years of hard work and dedication to the Town of Torbay. Mayor Scott presented tokens of appreciation at last night’s final meeting of the 2017-2021 Town Council to each outgoing Councillor.

Thank you to Ross Thornhill and Chris Wheeler for putting their names forward in the election process.

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