2019 Taxation Year Forms

Pre-authorized Debit Agreements

If a Pre-Authorized Payment Plan was in place during 2018, it will automatically renew for 2019. The 2019 Pre-Authorization Plan will remain in effect and continue each consecutive year until the customer notifies the Town of cancellation in writing.

If you wish to cancel or discontinue your PAD agreement, you must contact the town office at 437-6532 or email kosmond@torbay.ca as soon as possible.

This agreement will commence on January 2 and /or 15, 2019 unless otherwise instructed.

To apply, download the form.


Guaranteed Income Supplement – GIS

Residents currently in receipt of the Guaranteed Income Supplement may be eligible for a 25% discount applicable to the primary place of residence only.

A Town application and GIS entitlement letter must be provided to the town each taxation year. Download the application (deadline for submission of completed applications is April 30, 2019).

For more information, please call 437-6532.


Low Income Property Tax Reduction

Residents may be eligible for a 20% Property Tax Reduction for their primary place of residence only.

Single income must be less than $18,955.00, or family annual income less than $32,052.00 to qualify for this reduction.

A town application must be completed each taxation year, and a 2018 Notice of Assessment from Canada Revenue Agency must accompany the completed 2019 application. Download the application (deadline for submission of completed applications is June 28, 2019).

For more information, please call 437-6532.

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