2019 Killick Coast Games Team Lists

Click to view the teams for the 2019 Killick Coast Games.

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  1. Amy Fleming

    Hi there,

    There are no junior soccer teams posted, just the senior team twice!

  2. Town of Torbay

    We apologize for the mix-up. The team list has been updated to include the junior soccer team.

  3. John

    Are teams suppose to be even?

  4. Janet Blackmore

    Hi there are the schedules out yet?

  5. Zackery Picco

    hey, Zack Picco should be in senior teams and not junior, please fix this, thanks

  6. Town of Torbay

    The schedules are not out yet but we will post them as soon as we have the information.

  7. Town of Torbay

    We do our best to balance out the teams based on the registration numbers.

  8. Town of Torbay

    The team lists have been updated to include you on the senior rather than junior teams.

  9. Derek Misner

    Hi there,

    My daughter,Avery Misner, in junior girls basketball, will be out of the province during the games. We were uncertain of the schedule when registering and she is in NS visiting family.

  10. Amanda Byrne

    How long is the cross country run?

  11. Town of Torbay

    The cross country run is 1 km for ages 11-13, 1.5 km for ages 14-15, and 2 km for ages 16-17.

  12. Town of Torbay

    Thank you for letting us know, we have updated the team list accordingly.

  13. Brooks Pilgrim

    I was unavailable to pick up tee shirts on Thursday night. How can I arrange pickup?

  14. Town of Torbay

    You can drop by the Town Hall between 8:30am and 4:00pm today to pick up the shirts. Please use the basement door around back.

  15. Tara Codner

    Hi, Nathan Codner is suppose to be on the senior teams and not the junior teams. He is on the senior team for Softball but for ball hockey and soccer he is still showing as being on the junior team. Can you please fix and advise what team for ball hockey and soccer he is on so that I can know when he is playing. Thanks so much.

  16. Town of Torbay

    Nathan is now listed in the senior ball hockey and soccer teams on the updated team list.

  17. Lisa Patten

    Hi, matthew Pearcey is on a junior ball hockey team…however he should be on a senior one please!

  18. Julieanne Reddy

    Matthew has been moved to Senior Boys Ball Hockey – Team 2.

  19. J. Codner

    The team lists posted on the Town website are different from the link of the team lists that Nick emailed out on Thursday. Which is the most current list?

    If it is the one on the town website another email should be sent out to advise parents as this will cause a lot of confusion due to several team lists that don’t match up.

  20. Town of Torbay

    We apologize for any confusion. The team list was updated throughout the weekend. We have sent the updated list to all parents this morning.

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